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Isla Bella is the world's first LNG powered container ship. Canada is a substantial net exporter of natural gas, though the United States still has a net import of natural gas. "CNG cylinders or moving bombs?". Schmidt, Lawrence; Politylo, Jason; Pinto, Sarah (November 2005 natural GAS vehicles IN alberta (PDF Government of Alberta, Infrastructure Policy and Planning a b Natural Gas Vehicles Statistics, International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, 2010, archived from the original on January 10, 2010 Natural Gas Use. A b Rashvinjeet. 6.0.1 Kotzot,.J.

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A b c Christine Lepisto. Future possibilities edit Though ANG (adsorbed natural gas ) has not yet been used in either providing stations nor consumer storage tanks, its low compression (500psi vs 3600 psi) 21 has the potential to drive down costs of NGV infrastructure and vehicle tanks. "Over 2,000 killed in CNG cylinder blasts in 2011: report". "Singapore's first public CNG station to be ready by Jan 2008". Some taxicabs in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, run on this option, allowing the user to choose among three fuels (E25, E100 and CNG) according to current market prices at the pump. Methane today mostly comes from non-renewable sources but can be supplied or produced from renewable sources, offering net carbon neutral mobility. Table 1LNG Liquefaction Processes as of 2001 LNG carriers LNG is shipped commercially in a fully refrigerated liquid state. Receiving, regasification terminal and storage The function of an LNG import terminal is to receive LNG cargos, store LNG, and revaporize the LNG for sale as gas. 43 American Gas Technology pioneered use of onsite liquefaction using van sized station to access Natural Gas from utility pipe and clean, liquefy, store and dispense. "CNG shortage puts auto drivers in a fix".

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