vatarakta thesis

intervention in both the groups. Intake of food before the previous meal is digested. Of the 30 patients of Vatarakta studied in this research, the maximum number of patients in both the groups (nearly 40) belonged to the age group of 51 60 years. This change in group B was not statistically significant as the P -value suggested.082.

Fifty percent of the patients in group A and nearly 60 of the patients in group B, suffering from. To take sleep during day and remaining awake at night. Often walking the patient in the early morning with severe pain, which is often described as the "worst pain" ever.

A comparative study of Kaishora Guggulu and Amrita Guggulu in the

vatarakta thesis

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An additional cavernous revise was indispensable to bring out the precise outcome of these products. This shows the increased incidence of the disease in males. The dominance of the Madhura Rasa in the diet of most of the patients from both groups once again confirms the role of the Kapha - and Meda -vitiating factors in the production of the illness. Patients treated with Kaishora guggulu in group A and with Amrita guggulu in group B had no significant difference in local color changes. It is a widespread observable fact that ends up in a variety of disorders based on the site of the affliction.

It was observed that Guduchi kwatha was found very effective in Vat arakta due to its. Thesis work entitled Vatarakta mein Gudoochi ka Prayoga. This is a single-blind clinical study with a pre-test and post-test des ign, wherein. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation;.