increasing crime rate essay

: notions that revolve around crime, assault and violence. It seeks to unearth the underlying causes that push many youths into the world of crime. Discussion The decreased levels of crime over the past two decades are a blessing to the American society, albeit with a catch. There is growing concern that the government, in collaboration with its security organs, is doing very little to address the menace of crime.

It is quite obvious that the rate of crimes are increasing day by day in all socie ties in the world, but I personally do believe that there are a lot which can be done.
From petty theft to robbery with violence, crime continues to be a migraine to the government of the day.
The rise in crime rates over many states is alarming, and.
In many countries crime is increasing.
The main reason behind this is growth of un employment.

Band 8 Essay Sample About Rising Crime Rates - ielts Practice

increasing crime rate essay

Ielts Writing Task 2 Essay: Increasing crime levels. This is because it is normal to have high crime rates in neighborhoods or regions that experience high poverty levels. From the deep affection of the American public towards crime-fighting superheroes to movies and videogames that depict violence, many youths itch to live out these fantasies. The affection that many Americans have to material things goes back a long time in history. However, reduced essay god helios sun crime rates do not spell absence of any crime at all, seeing that many innocent civilians continue to be the victims of heinous crimes ranging from sexual assault to robbery with violence. In this regard it is the sacred duty of the society, academicians and educationists to devise such steps that may lessen the increasing state of crimes in the society. It is the dream of many, but very few have the opportunity to witness their dreams become reality in a legal and honest manner. This makes the fight against crime a difficult one. However, addressing the underlying factors that are responsible for crime in society are waters the government is reluctant to sail.

These reports will also identify the areas most affected by crime and the possible triggers of crime in these areas. New York: Columbia University Press. Although some states are richer than others, in every state there are the privileged citizens and the underprivileged citizens.

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