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case study of the identity constructions of mainland Chinese students at one Hong Kong university Diane Reay Stephen Yip Other learning experiences (OLE) in the new senior secondary curriculum: a survey study investigating the impact of OLE on students' approaches to learning. The following tips and philosophy of education examples for elementary teachers can help you write an essay that you'll be proud to have. Tim Rowland Fatin Aliah Phang binti Abdullah The pattern of physics problem-solving from the perspective of metacognition.

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Martyn Rouse Caroline Lanskey Student autonomy in schools: contemporary and earlier thinking and practice. David Whitebread Daniel Faas Negotiating political identities: white and Turkish students' responses to national, European and multicultural agendas in Germany and England. Teachers also have multiple behind-the-scenes duties. Martyn Rouse Karen Ashton Comparing proficiency levels in an assessment context: the construct of reading for secondary school learners of German, Japanese and Urdu in England. Morag Styles Thabo Msibi 'We are what you think we are not'. Ian Cross and Pamela Burnard Garth Stahl White working-class boys' negotiations of school experience and engagement. Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges Laura Vuillier Relationships between emotion regulation and inhibitory control. . Phil Gardner Biljana Savikj Family language policy and practice as parental mediation of habitus, capital ad field: an ethnographic case-study of migrant families in England. Diane Reay, hong Jiang, student teachers' voices: A historical exploration of teacher education in Shanghai, China (1949-1982). Either way, they are an important part of each students life. Usha Goswami Andrew Parry Making men: a comparative study of the rationale, nature and significance of sport in the public schools of England and Australia from.