legalize same sex marriage essay

finding that they have many things in common and they talk all night. Ralph looks like a friendly man, so the person goes over and starts talking. Week time Covers new york gay marriage New Yorkers Celebrate the Legalization of Gay Marriage Despite a Republican-controlledreligious groups, Albany lawmakers made same sex marriage legal on June 24, 2011. On a positive note, Hawaii is giving homosexual couples many of the rights and benefits that married couples receive. An Equal Right to Marry.

legalize same sex marriage essay

Legalizing same -sex marriage would affect every aspect ethically and morally, resulting in an unacceptable outcome.
Moreover, legalizing same -sex marriage can prevent high-risk sexual behavior from happening.
Because marriage is a deep commitment that can bring.

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Those who wish to legalize same-sex marriages could use relationship-specific investments to argue their point of view. The legalization of same-sex marriage is fought strongly by both sides. Population believe their religion will be negatively affected by the legalization of same-sex marriages. Journal of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identity.1 (1996 79-89). If homosexuals are being deterred to many because it was said that marriage is essentially a lifelong compact between role of working mother essay a man and woman committed to the creation and nurture of offspring, it would be fair enough then to also forbid the heterosexuals who are unable. Before the Civil War slaves were unable to marry, once the Civil War was over they could marry but interracial marriages were illegal. Supporters of doma tried to force the issue by describing homosexual people as being immoral, perverse and unnatural (Dority 39). If my perception of the topic is questioned, then I would say that I am in favour of it since social acceptance of gay marriages will enhance greater equality in all the aspects for people who are homosexuals.

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