moving to america narrative essay

Your narratives thesis statement differs from thesis statements use in analytical or argumentative essays. I always saw America in pictures and movies, and everything was extremely attractively, but now, I was physically standing and seeing the reality with my own eyes. Wow, America is so diversified. Oh, thank you so much, I reply. The following demonstrates a widely utilized structure for narrative essays. After leaving the customer service desk, I went to the immigration offices and the gentleman I found there immediately started questioning. What an unforgettable first day. Explain the significance of your experiences and their relation to your thesis statement. After that, I stepped out of the immigration offices.

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I had many friends and they followed me a lot.
The Bahamas to, america, my Story There is a country that can be found by plane just thirty minutes off the coast of Florida.

How to structure your narrative essay. In America, I decide how my future will turn out. After composing your introduction, move to your essays body paragraphs. Paragraph Two : Topic Sentence and Expansion of topic sentence to form a paragraph. Retrieved 03:43, October 08, 2018, from. Some elements to add to your narrative to strengthen your essays paragraphs are: a) dialogue (use"tions b) descriptive language, (create vivid images by using taste, sight, smell, sound, touch c) transitions (use transition phrases like during, finally, next to simplify the reading process for. There were times in which I did not want to go to school, times I did not want to face humiliation, and times I wanted to return to India. A narratives thesis can begin with the storys events. MegaEssays, "coming TO america. He approaches me and apologizes for running late and politely helps in carrying my luggage.

Paragraph Three : Topic Sentence and Expansion of topic sentence to form a paragraph. Incorporate a hook which additionally captures your readers attention. Even though initially I was disappointed at how people were hurriedly rushing up and down the streets, I was still excited to discover the extraordinary city. Around and outside the airport I see different people.