zoo cruelty essay

of other species nor use them for our personal benefits. The Global Post entitled, worlds worst Zoo, the author Jackie Leavitt gives readers their first glimpse into the horrible enclosures in which animals live. Zoos-world, audobon Research Institute(2013). Unfortunately, some of these animals even lose their lives from incessant physical punishment and abuse. Due to human shortcomings, some zoos are concrete prisons or execution chambers. Animal activists insist that leaving the animals to mature on their own and suffer from old age, helps to manage and balance their out of control specie populations. Moreover, the animals adopt aggressive behavior that results in them lashing out and injuring or killing people.

This display of behavior has caused some animals to act out either among themselves or humans. They have will gestalt psychology research paper not any chance to survive. References, animal Zone(n.d,n.p) Six of the saddest Zoos. Those who believe that zoos are wrong and should be destroyed are animal rights activist; they believe that animals should be allowed to choose their own destiny. Free Essays 597 words (1.7 pages) - The idea of a zoo is a noble idea. tags: cruel and inhumane acts. Animal suffering can be seen in many forms of entertainment including rodeos, circuses, and zoos. In doing this, there will be fewer animals at the zoo. Animals in the wild should be left in the wild so that they are able to survive, as well as mate successfully on their own. The whale dragged her underwater, toying with her until her death.

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