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revised on : Nov 2016 as per user comments, open Source/Free, closed Source/Paid. Ip, matches mac @matches0; if( mac null) echo "Access Denied. Hashtime tstamp; hashuserip userip;.

List of open source captive portal software and network access control Captive portal GuestNET OPNsense Wiki Documentation documentation

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So I rarely maintain this list and the list is here just a information sharing. h1 Welcome to?php echo site_name;? The 511 Status Code and Captive PortalsĀ» Nathan Hinkle. form method"post" action"p" input type"hidden" name"mac" value"?php echo mac;? DOI :.1007/ _65. Disclaimer: I have collected the list of captive portals/firewalls when I was working on a network products, but no longer. Guido Appenzeller, Mema Roussopoulos, Mary Baker. RFC 6585 Additional http Status Codes April 2012 Ā«6.1.

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captive portal thesis