differences life between china and america essay

of ones business or personal life is downplayed while in America the successes are lauded. . They are more willing to give up and sacrifice for the greater good. There are a lot of opportunity to get jobs. Doesnt matter that the truth needs to be spoken, respect and honor to each person supersedes that. . In America, it is much more loose and informal. . They lay stress on their own benefits, advocate individual improvement and find their own true value.

China and America have the extremely influence to the international society, and they have received the universal attention.
The different traditional culture is the main reason for differences in education between China and America.
Chinese emphasis the team sprit and comprehensive.
Because of different education types, American family education and Chinese family education show different methods.

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Second, Chinese children have limited right to choose and most of them would like to do things according to parents willingness. They respect childrens personality and rights. 1 The comparison of the contents of family education The aim of education determines the content of education. He thought it was right, so he learned violin, and now he can play the violin very well. But American parents attach importance to enjoying their life. Chinese people are educated to be obedient, comparative how do you start graduate school essays and lack of an environment to accept new ideas on the whole. 3 of them receive this kind of family education. The contents of American family education are very plentiful.

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