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of story time-two days. This papers aim is to bring to light some of these messages that are expressed through Fords use of mise-en-scene and cinematography. His major concern is to see that the laws of the land are upheld. She could not even bear to share a meal at the same table with someone of Dallas's social standing.

Script by Dudley Nichols, from the short story "Stage to Lordsburg" by Ernest Haycox. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. I think it takes all of the fun out of figuring out the movie and leaves little to the imagination. Film theorist Andre Bazin has written of John Ford's Stagecoach: Stagecoach (1939) is the ideal example of the maturity of a style brought to classic perfectionStagecoach is like a wheel, so perfectly made that it remains in equilibrium on its axis in any position. Disney's award winning animation, The Lion King, was brought to life in musical fashion by director Julie Taymor. More, review of Stage Coach, in the movie Stage Coach, John Ford makes the viewer watch with a more discerning eye.

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The laughing is crimes and criminals essay also kind of an eerie laugh, as if to represent that where she lives is an unsavory place. The scene when John Waynes character asks Dallas to marry him is purposely dark, almost eerie. Mallory says shes seen that silver cup before represented to me that gambling is kind of like stealing. However, it is conceivable to all audiences that Ford delivers a cast of characters that are built on stereotypes and perceptions conjured from 'B' westerns that preceded this film's time. I think all this was done to represent that Dallas is a prostitute, without coming right out and saying. Almost like that one shot sums up her past and her future.

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