reflective essays on great expctaions

an orphan being raise by Joe Gargery (his brother-in-law) and his sister (simply known as Mrs. Charles Dickens grew up in the nineteenth century, when times were hard and punishments were extremely harsh. A number of Charles Dickens personal life events are mirrored in the novel, leaving Great Expectations to be one of his most autobiographical works.

With whom does Pip live? Then, we encounter with high-class, well-dressed, well-dancing women like Miss Havisham and Estella through the onwards of the book. The title of the novel, as many other great book titles, comes with various meanings that are present in the story. They live in a village among marshes. The rich could have any job that they liked, but the poor would almost always take over the job that their father had. English is an interesting subject and I would like to keep my passion for learning it, if not increase it, as I study higher English.