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in thy purse. I am not what I am- Iago character analysis. He seems to have no desire for love, and treats women with disrespect, calling his own wife, albeit jokingly, a common prostitute. The heinous crimeshe sets out to achieve are unfathomable, yet without this peculiarcharacter the play itself would be little more than a light romanticdrama. He claims he does not love her, and gets angry at her for allegedly suspecting that the handkerchief is a gift of another woman.

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Iago knows, only too well, that Cassio is very gullible. We will write a custom essay sample. He lacks the ability to understand people. When Othello married Desdemona he was accused of witchcraft, as Iago says she Must bring this monstrous birth to the worlds light. Shows us near the beginning how Othello speaks with a noble and grand manager. Do Not Waste, your Time, sEND, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Another character that is also affected by Iago is the gullible Roderigo. Emilia thinks that Othellos change has something to do with Desdemona, or Othellos jealous nature; they still cannot fathom what has happened, and exit, leaving Cassio. But since it is a shakespearean tragedy, Iago's role is marked as the antagonist. As a lieutenant Cassio should be on guard duty. Iago may be jealous about Othello having Desdemona when he knows that she would never ever love someone as capable uw madison business school application essay of evil as himself.

It becomes apparent that his machinations are fuelled by anger and a desire for revenge, and he carries them out with an aura of self-belief and resoluteness. It was his first gift to Desdemona, and was given to him by his mother. But, Bianca is not disturbed, and leaves with the handkerchief. Emilia knowing that her husband wants it, takes it away and gives it to Iago, who decides to use the handkerchief part of what he planned.

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