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their goals is not well understood. Romantic couples benefit from having constructive rather than destructive conflicts, but there have been limited attempts to influence conflict behaviors and to reduce the stress of relational conflicts using non-intensive interventions. Kaitlynn Sedabres, PhD, "The Moderating Effects of Self- and Other Efficacy on Motivation in Swimming Relays" 2013, edson Filho, PhD, "Cohesion, Team Mental Models, and Collective Efficacy: Toward an Integrated, Nomological Network of Team Sports" 2012, sarah. How does technology shape who we develop relationships with, the strength and content of our relationships and how rewarding and self-definitional they are, how we utilize our relationships, and when and how our relationships dissolve? (Here I am thinking of how they prioritize the lives of those inside.

psychology dissertation award

This award program assists science-oriented doctoral students of ps ychology with dissertation research costs.
APA Dissertation Research Awards assists science-oriented doctoral students of psychology with research costs.
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The International Society of Political Psychology first awarded the Best Dissertat ion Award at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Paris.

2016 - Brittany Jakubiak, Carnegie Mellon University. While liberals and conservatives hold opposing moral views, a new theory of moral psychology, the Theory of Dyadic Morality, suggests that these views are unified by a common denominator of harm.

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Why do some individuals develop the capacity to effectively regulate their behavior, whereas others have difficulty controlling their impulses and consistently succumb to temptation? My dissertation explores what factors makes moral and political ideas most likely to spread to others. Dissertations within the field of political psychology are eligible for consideration, regardless of home discipline. 2017 - Olivia Atherton, University of California, Davis. The deadline for nominations is Winners will be notified by Past Winners 2018 Frank Gonzalez (Honorable Mention: Cecil Meeusen) 2017 Allison Anoll (Honorable Mention: Ozden Melis Ulug and Hannah Nam) 2016 Smadar Cohen-Chen (Honorable Mention: Eun Bin Chung) 2015 Julie Wronski (Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington. 31 of the application year. My previous research focused on the relationship between childhood unpredictability, body awareness, and eating in the absence of hunger (EAH). 47 - Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (ssepp). Although ascribing sophisticated, human-like minds to others is central to social cognition and behavior, dehumanization is an all-too-common phenomenon. 31 of the prior calendar year.

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