how to ask professor for senior thesis committee

all your guidance and support, try to build a mentoring community. In which areas or sections would you like detailed feedback? Writing an email to a faculty member might seem hard, especially if you are just starting out and don't know what to say. Professors are very busy, and they're getting paid to guide students through research. . Think of this as a chance to do something totally new. I know you are very busy. Mention a few recent publications (last year or this year is best) and projects the faculty is currently involved. Make sure you're asking the right person. . So, as much as faculty members love to work with smart undergrads, they must treat most of these messages as a form of spam, and respond with a canned message, if they respond at all. The graduate students that they work with have been carefully vetted through admissions and coursework to make sure that these students won't waste their time. . I have attached my CV and unofficial transcript to this e-mail, but if there is additional information that I have not included that you would like, I would be happy to provide it to you.

Once the undergraduate is accepted, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows often serve as mentors and are the members of the group the undergraduate spends most time with. What kind of projects can you expect? Faculty want to know that the time they spend with you goes to good use. Ask how far in advance they must receive a draft to read and comment upon it before a fixed deadline.

A research question is a specific problem or question within a given subject area that can be addressed within the approximate.5 year time frame given over to the thesis A research question is typically tested with empirical data. If you are currently in a class with a professor you would love to work with, then stop reading this article and simply show up to office hours; bring good questions and show you have explored past the course material. Mention their graduate students, according to Joe Stujenske, graduate of a neuroscience PhD program at Columbia University, many laboratories ask graduate students to help recruit undergraduates.

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Best, Name Generalized from an email to a ucsc professor Subject: Possible undergraduate research opportunities Dear. There are several ways to go about choosing a thesis supervisor. For your own use, write a brief description of your potential topics and lom essay 2-3 more specific research questions. If so, what is the pay rate? Any graduate faculty member of the School of Hospitality Management may serve as a thesis supervisor.

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