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We develop a lower bound indicator that captures the effects of the lower bound on the distribution of interest rates. Therefore, we recommend using DNS models as a simple tool for generating extrapolated yields for long-term interest rate risk management. Among scientific researchers, empirical evidence (as distinct essay on footprints by margaret fishback powers from empirical research ) refers to objective evidence that appears the same regardless of the observer. Evaluation : The interpretation of the data and the formulation of a theory - an abductive argument that presents the results of the experiment as the most reasonable explanation for the phenomenon. The overall disagreement between empiricists and rationalists show primary concerns in how there is gaining of knowledge with respect to the sources of knowledge and concept. Events listed, our Staff Working papers. On the other hand, rationalists are known to be sharing the view that there is existence of innate knowledge and this is different for the objects of innate knowledge being chosen. 33, Issue 4 Non-performing loans at the dawn of ifrs 9: regulatory and accounting treatment of asset quality (David Bholat, Rosa. 05, oscar Jorda Moritz Schularick Alan. (Iryna Kaminska, Zhuoshi Liu, Jon Relleen and Elisabetta Vangelista Journal of Banking Finance, Vol. 45 2017 Initial margin model sensitivity analysis and volatility estimation (Melanie Houllier and David Murphy) Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, Vol. 11204 UK broad money growth in the long expansion, 19922007: what can it tell us about the role of money?