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massed practice versus distributed practice. My cards are always one of two types: the majority are simple question and answer; a substantial minority are what's called a cloze : a kind of fill-in-the-blanks test. Who and What is a Troll and how to defeat them. The proliferation of IPv6 will bring about a mature information age and many new technologies and opportunities.

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It's particularly worth avoiding lonely orphans: single questions that are largely disconnected from everything else. Unfortunately, I routinely got this question wrong. While many people (mostly those who have never attended) have a pretty narrow view of DEF CON and those of us who attend. It has some shortcomings as such a medium, since it's not designed with supporting creative work in mind it's not, for instance, equipped for lengthy, free-form exploration inside a scratch space. "my talk describes how data visualization tools (like Maltego) can be extended to speed up the analysis of social networks (well, anything really. I won't try to hide my enthusiasm for Anki behind a respectable facade of impartiality: it's a significant part of my life.