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Although patients predicted that both their physicians (90) and family members (87) would accurately predict their wishes, neither family members nor physicians, in fact, were able to accurately predict patients' wishes. P.7 In April 1985 Indiana passed the 27th Living Will statute, the Living Wills and Life-Prolonging Procedures Act. The Limits of Proxy Decision Making: Overtreatment. Where ever the person in question pleases to work, who they please to work for or if the new position is connected to the field of work with their previous employer is forbidden under restrictive covenants. Historically, medical ethics rests, not on the one principle that a doctor must not take life, but also on the principle that a doctor must always act in the best interest of his patients. P.1211 Although new laws are not necessary in any state (because of existing laws regarding the assignment of a durable power of attorney the current trend in the United States is for states to enact additional proxy laws that specifically deal with health care.

P.132: While the duty to prolong life may be justifiably infringed by decisions of either patients or proxies, the extent of infringement is limited by principles of both beneficence and respect. New Law Journal (1995) 354-355. P.39 The role reversal, from 'life-saver' to watching the patient die, is psychologically dramatic and could lead to feelings of inadequacy, frustration and self-doubt. However, there may be considerable uncertainty about the nature of outcomes. P.7 The term 'decision-making capacity' was chosen instead of 'competent' because the latter has different meanings, legal and Angell, in different countries. (6 requirements listed).47 In Japan, it is a common and acceptable social custom for the family to make serious medical decisions on behalf of a sick family member even without discussion with the patient or even when their decision overrides the patient's own wishes.

What if the aim of scientific medicine was not an endless struggle against death, with the fight against disease as the token of that struggle, but helping humans best live a mortal, not immortal life? P.361 concluded that: Patients' choices for care in the event of terminal illness relate to an intricate set of demographic, educational, and cultural factors. comparison to other countries, seven times as many Japanese medical students considered that a prognosis of death should be concealed by the doctor. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 1993; 2:57-61.

P.169 Although there are slippery-slope arguments that are sound and convincing, typical formulations of the pros and cons of cell phones argumentative essay Nazi-invoking argument are found to be seriously deficient both in logical rigour and in the social history and psychology required as a scholarly underpinning. Depression and the desire to die. McLean S, paper given to International College of Surgeons, London November 14th 1994: "Where the directive is indeed a negative declaration, the doctor would certainly be frustrated by not being able to intervene, but this presumes that the nature of the advance directive is only. General Medical Council News Review Supplement December 1992. P.64: Most of us write about these issues from afar, or wait for someone else to practice such medical civil disobedience.

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