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Angela Davis. And we can easily imagine Foucault, Deleuze, and Guattari drinking wine together, watching their children, and taking a delight in Hello Kitty as a playful image that undoes its own meaning neither the cat that reveals the cattiness of the human nor the human that. What I think is fascinating is that people often use the e pluribus unum and melting pot metaphor for diversity when in fact this metaphor actually meant the exact opposite. If science isn't already our religion, should it be? Her defenders argue that her comedy very self-consciously draws attention to white privilege and rape culture making visible and accessible things that most people prefer not to talk about. I think both the DailyNous and Allyson Hobbs have some very thoughtful things to say, and what I like about them is their openness to continue to wonder about the whole story that still hasnt been fully told, rather than to quickly define, condemn,. Similarly, when John Coltrane released his album, My Favorite Things, what was innovative (a term I prefer over the term original to describe art) about his jazz was that it changed how we think about older songs. No scientist publishing a paper today would feel the need to put Newton or Einstein in their Works Cited page, because their work is foundational for the whole academic discipline.

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When we think of cultural difference through the conceptual lens of alterity rather than the conceptual lens if diversity, we begin to imagine alternatives to the status quo and changing things for the better (revolution, transformation, transfiguration, or simply an openness to experience and. Instead, he begins with something thats not a poem but just a list of names on a chalk board, and he is able to get his students to perform a reading of that list as if it is a poem. Recognizing the social context within which poems are written, read, performed, and"d can help us listen carefully to how a poet might play and tease that context to produce new results. Hiphop is somewhat of a feedback loop, the new song bringing renewed appreciation for or even critical thought about the old song. If diversity is the name of the game, then one can expect an effort to reach-out to different um different what? Some have interpreted the e pluribus unum through the metaphor of the melting pot, which is a curious phrase, often applied so widely that the metaphorical sense of melting is scarcely noted. The story went viral on the internet, as you can see here, here, and here. Since the poems that preceded this one had sometimes placed the poets conversational self in dialogue with his friends, I wondered if in The Change he was adopting a naive and stupid persona, performing something of an act, like Amy Schumer. From the perspective of a literature professor such as myself, both the March against Monsanto and the bill against GMO food have a narrative that is full of symbols and what psychoanalysis calls displacements whereby complex political content is reduced to simpler emotional content. In other words, the vague feeling is that GMO food is bad because it is not natural.