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striking visual effect. Vermeer is willing to show her how to properly mix the colors and he also appreciates a lot of her suggestions for the improvement of his paintings. Several well-known works of literature addressed various religious ideas as well because some baroque writers worked under church patronage as did other types of artists. Catharina is Vermeers wife. This new republic was very prosperous, and this meant that a relatively high percentage of the population had at least some disposable income, leading to a thriving culture of producing and buying artwork. The history of the painting is unclear; after remaining in the van Ruijven family for several decades, it seems to have been sold in 1696 for only a modest price. She says: I have two families now and they must not mix. At the end of the summer, Agnes, her ten-year-old marijuana public policy essay sister, dies of the plague. Often, profound emotions are conveyed through, or concealed behind, simple or formal phrases.

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Is it because we can only see this one side of hers, and so this is the reality of her figure for us? Is her life summed up in one heavy tear that she must wear as a sort of adornment to her personality? She has caught us sinning, and this 'natural pose' is of the precise moment she realises that we have failed. Prior to getting to know Griet, he had never thought that he could learn anything from a maid. The light might change the painting if I clean them (the windows). However, this talent has no meaning for a maid. The title may contradict this interpretation, though, because if there was such a disconnect then it could have been called Girl and a Pearl Earring, rather than Girl "with" a Pearl Earring. Girl with a Pearl Earring specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Girl with a Pearl Earring specifically for you. It is difficult to say whether it is us she is interested in, or whether it is what she was looking at at that moment while she was painted.

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