food and healthy living essay

this should be encouraged. It is consumed by all to gain energy so that they can grow and maintain the life. An obese or overweight person is more likely to pay double the insurance rates that a normal weight person is charged. In child it is necessary to evaluate children regularly to identify any children who may be displaying sings of emotional or social difficulties affecting their wellbeing.

Be healthy, be happy. In todays The term healthy lifestyle encompasses several factors that need to be brought together in order to gain the benefits, namely exercise, healthy eating and a body mass index (BMI) in a normal range. An obese person spends more money on healthcare than a normal weight person. Healthy diet will give more energy and individuals will be able to perform their activities well. Due to a dietary pattern of over sweetened drinks, junk food and refined sugars, obesity is on a rise in people of all ages and especially in children. Significance of Loneliness and Isolation in Our Lives Essay.As we climb up the mountain of life, we realize that at some point in time we all have to go through a stage of loneliness and isolation. Play is an essential part of a Childs development and we are focusing here particularly on the physical and mental wellbeing aspects. The report also shows that presently around good thesis argumentative paper 3 million people are malnourished and because of this NHS has to spend 13 billion every year for them. Vegetables, for instance, provide nutrients needed in maintaining good health. Healthy lifestyle, particularly for children is their insurance policy for a lifetime of good health, and as research has shown, may significantly reduce the chance of contracting chronic illnesses and diseases. Healthy Eating along with a healthy BMI and exercise is the third element of a healthy lifestyle for children is eating a healthy diet.