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Tamil meaning; 'Ottia' could refer to sorcery However, given that this is an ancient Buddhist site, and 'Uththiya' is a canonical Buddhist name, thus 'Othiya' may be a translit. 4 pp 229-236, (1936). Legend has it that Kudiramalai ( Kihirikanda ) was the landing place of Vijaya. "Kannaki Amman or 'Paththni' of non-Saivite worship has been associated with the heroine of the Tamil epic, "Sillappadikaram (written by the the ascetic brother of the Cra king Cekuuva, and author of the Cilappati- kram). Emilianus Pillai, care taker of Madhu map of Marutha Madu area A fully liberated Madhu church celebrated a festival open to all pilgrims on the 15th of August 2009, with the Archibishop Malcolm Ranjith officiating. Note also our comments on "pattana "pattai "patuna" etc., under the etymology of "Japanaya or "Yalpanam". The etymology of "modei, moddei" etc., has been discussed previously (see,.g.,Tuvarimoddei ). Report in the Asia Tribune Comments by Rev.

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So when I was quite young, there was a man called Thuraisingam, an upper caste man and a Chandiyan (a local village thug my mother told me that he murdered a man long ago. This is the tree Aporosa lindleyana, see our botany webpage See how to write a essay about your mom entry under "Kodaliparichchan" for discussion. Trincomalee was a flourishing trade centre, as indicated by gold Roman coins (second century CE) found from the area. Uttiya and his consort are mentioned in an inscription here, See Archeo. The form "chalaapam", related to the Sanskrit 'jala" may also be a reference to pearl-fishery activities in this region. Other related records are given in Dutch records, nos., SL National Archives. The legend also holds that Queen Kuveni (literarily ku dark Veni complexioned) lived in 'Klivila (Kali Villu in the Vilpattu. Such a usage is current in telugu and kannada (c.f., Thiruchirapalli, Jalahalli.) It also means a place of worship as villages usually involved a temple. Prabhakaran made his attempt in the early hours of May 17, 2009. Here is a brief extract from Ragavan (ltte founding member. The Manimkalai and Mahavamsa accounts suggest that this location may have been a principal Naga town. Implications of the Sethsamudura Project Tavady, Tavadi, Thavady (Yapanaya Jaffna) thambadiya, jaavaadiya Jaa-vaadiya is a region used by the Javanese inhabitants in medieval times.

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Introduction to Earthquake: An earthquake is a major demonstration of the power of the tectonic forces caused by endogenetic thermal conditions of the interior of the earth.
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