an exciting holiday essay

I want to write about the most exciting holiday of my life. Lihat halaman sebelah, sulit, sulit 2 1249/2(PP soalan 1 1 (a) Berdasarkan peta di atas, namakan tamadun bertanda: Soalan 1 1 (a butiran. I liked the camp very much. When it rained, I read books.

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Summer is the time when I can do everything I like. Usually, I spend my summer holidays in the country. To summarize, I can surely say that essay journey poem story travel writing holidays are good for traveling, self-studying and other things that help you to develop yourself. Holidays by the sea. Now the school year has just begun, but I'm already waiting for new vacations, new impressions and new friends. I closed my eyes and when I opened it, the monster gone. Moreover, I found the best relaxation room I have ever seen. The water was warm and transparent.

Essay, my summer holidays

an exciting holiday essay

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