tartuffe moliere essay

is the unlucky soul to take the blame for his father? Instead he turns on Damis, calling him a villain and an ingrate. The difference between true religious virtue and religious hypocrisy is, of course, one of the main themes. Finally she says loudly that she will yield to his desires. Tartuffe then reminds Orgon the house belongs to him now and that Orgon is the one that must leave. He lusts for money and this is what becomes his final downfall.

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However, Orgon needs to trust his senses because spirituality is used to deceive. Moliere demonstrates all of these Enlightenment values in his play. I wonder how much more ridiculous Orgon will become before regaining his sanity. Cleante points out to Orgon that since he went to absurd extremes, he was to be ridiculed. Damis, Orgon's son, wonders whether his father will allow Mariane, Orgon's daughter, to marry Valere, who she is in love with, because Damis is in love with Valere's sister. He is a master of disguising his true self. The biggest complain is that they have too many parties an have too many people at the house late at night. Act II opens with Orgon putting into action his plans to marry his daughter off to Tartuffe.