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the process will go more smoothly. Project participants are driven by what benefits them instead of collaborating towards project goals. Assign a devil's advocate to stimulate creativity. Ensure that people are assigned to tasks that are related to their skills, experience, honesty builds strong relationship essay and previous positions. Interface (Awakul Ogunlana, 2002 Intergroup (Cameron Whetten, 2007) This conflict involves the project team and groups that are outside of the project. Conflict is neither good nor bad. Resolve disagreements through negotiations.

Mahalingham and Levitt (2007) suggested that conflict, delays, and cost overruns mainly occur because of institutional differences, which are the differences in workplace norms, legal regulations, and cultural values. In a group setting, conflicts are going. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc. The research of Leung. Conflict evolved from always being detrimental to being beneficial to an organization; however, most would agree that uncontrolled conflict has the potential to tear a project apart. The role of technology in project manager performance model. Both parties to a conflict typically think theyre right (and the other side is wrong) because they quite literally cant get out of our own heads.

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Conflict can reach a high level when projects end and team members return to their respective functions, departments, or are reassigned to new projects. Thesis statement There can be many factors that play a role, when conflict arises within a team. Regardless of its negative or positive values, conflict needs to be managed. It is based on the definition of the responsibilities and authority for the project's tasks, functions, and decisions. Retrieved on 8/31/09, from m Thamhain,. Moreover, if left unresolved, these conflicts can create growing and irreversible gaps between parties that can lead to absenteeism, turnover, and ultimately project failure (Cameron Whetten, 2007).