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it a shot! Click here to download your guide instantly. Instead, it can be a means of finding fulfillment. It is the single, focused assertion of what the final point of my paper.

Sugar is not very effective in combating sleepiness." Fun fact: an apple provides you with more energy than a cup of coffee. Remember texts you love and draw comparisons. "The Steinbrenner factor" is a term of my own coining that I will be developing and defining in the course of my paper. These first two sentences simply introduce the topic and give the reader an idea of what the paper is going to be about. Before you start writing, ask yourself, How can I have the most fun writing this? You will never "run out of things to say." And even if you do (and I've never seen it) it is always easier to add new material to a well-developed topic than it is to take material away.

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Propped up on pillows in the glow of a laptop may feel like savvy ergonomics, but your keyboard will start to look pillow-like by midnight, and 418 pages of the word "gf " will detract from the force of your argument. As you research, ask yourself, What surprises me about this subject? Inevitably, everyone will convince herself that she cant live without some new technology or trend, and I will not be able to resist asking, via a multi-part essay, with lots of pointless dependent clauses: Do we really need this thing? When I was constantly churning out unnecessary first-person longreads about quitting things, I was missing out on watching my essay on islamic unity in urdu kids grow. If you focus on how, youll always have enough to write about.