cartesian dualism essay

distinguish any parts within myself. But Descartes supposed that no matter how human-like an animal or machine could be made to appear in its form or operations, it would always be possible to distinguish it from a real human being by two functional criteria. Although an animal or machine may be capable of performing any one activity as well as (or even better than) we can, he argued, each human being is capable of a greater variety of different activities than could be performed by anything lacking a soul. If death is the end of the person, and if the person is to be identified with something like brain functioning, then it would follow that one should define death as an event tied to something like a flat EEG.

Dualism and Mind, internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

cartesian dualism essay

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In his own time, Carneades was famous for the ability to develop convincing arguments on both sides of any philosophical dispute. The Concept of Mind. The Mind/Brain Identity Theory. Consider such medical cases as Karen Ann Quinlan and Nancy Cruzan, where the brain is still functioning, but where the forebrainthe most human part of the brainis destroyed. Therefore, I can conceive of a square without conceiving of shape. (7) Therefore, mind and body are really distinct.

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