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inequality, making inclusion of a separate index redundant. The project and program initiatives include development and deployment of mddeas platform, preparing and onboarding of technology partners as part of Digital Operational Readiness (DOR) plan, conducting Benchmark Trade Lane assessment. 49 Reich, Robert. 12.2.3 Full Employment Index (FEI) is a composite index equal to the average of the four sub-indices. Qualification and Experience, bachelor's Degree and Juris Doctor from an accredited law school and fifteen years of corporate law experience.

From 1970 to 1990 the employment-to-population ratio (EPR) for those 65 years and above fell dramatically in oecd countries but it has since begun to rise again in many countries, with the exception of Europe. Currency Trading Soars, Wall Street Journal, Sept 1, 2010. The oscillation in YEI for Sweden and Spain require further analysis. As Orio Giarini has so aptly stressed, economic value in a modern service economy cannot be divorced from risk and uncertainty. New theory means new thought, new conception. 77 Increasing life expectancy magnifies the problem of those above 65 years of age who are compelled to retire but do not have adequate savings or pensions to ensure economic security during an extended period of retirement, as well among those who are still healthy. The recent history of the debate regarding GDP is too voluminous and frequently cited to warrant inclusion here. 6, in the early 1970s William Nordhaus and James Tobin again reminded us that GDP was never intended as a measure of welfare or well-being.

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