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mentioned took place, he has agreed to read. Each culture deals with the birth of a child in a vastly different nature from the next; some prepare religious ceremonies, some throw parties and if you are Jonathan Safran Foer (author of the award winning novels Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud. Over the years I should have made the necessary steps to eliminate eggs and dairy from my diet.

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Barbara Kingsolver, Alisa Smith, JB MacKinnon and Michael Pollan have recently woken up, in print anyway, to the deplorable state of American agriculture. Safran Foer tells us nothing that hasn't been written about, filmed and documented dozens of times before, but that doesn't prevent him from oozing the self-congratulation of the newly converted.

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One is tempted to ask why it took him so long when the evidence has been there for decades. I simply wanted to know- for myself and my family- what meat is? As individuals acting collectively, in theory we do have the power to end industrial agriculture, but in all likelihood we will remain slaves to this pernicious system because it suits. I was hardly beginning the book when I started to suspect that I was on the brink of a life-altering decision. Worse, a startling naivety and smugness run through the book, undercutting the thrust of the argument. It wasn't even the news that Natalie Portman turned vegan after reading. I'm happy right now. The contemporary model of market-driven capitalism has created monsters that governments can no longer control banks that can't be allowed to fail and food companies which can thumb their noses at standards and regulations. People were interested, but only for the sake of arguing. There's an assumption that a book about eating animals is going to tell you that it is in some way wrong to eat animals-whether for the welfare of animals or for your own welfare-and most people "don't want to hear." We know something.

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