5 paragraph argumentative essay

homeschooling considered as a basic form of schooling? 4 What is worse, exam cheating or boycotting? 20 Can laziness be considered as a bad thing? 12 Is a drug abuse era significant? If you lack information on how to develop a well-structured argumentative essay in English or choose best examples of debatable topics, my article is just what you need!

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Part I: Introduction-What inspired my argumentative response?
For decades, too many high-school teachers have been instilling persuasive writing skills by teaching students the five- paragraph essay.

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17 How old can you legally become a parent? 9 IoT vehicle simulation system does promote accidents 10 IoT enhances cybercrimes Machine Learning 1 Machine learning helps in fraud detection 2 Machine learning enhances stock market prediction 3 Machine learning enhances man replacement with machines 4 Machine learning makes people zombies 5 Machine learning. 10 Is the government right in all its policies? 4 How can the problem in Kashmir be solved? 17 How old should the children be allowed to access the social media sites and utilities? 5 Sexual and gender issues can be altered. The thesis will give you a guideline on how to go about with writing the essay. 5 Is there the relation that was there in the past, at present? 2 Relevance of all religions: are they all good? 3 Electronic dance music is not associated with drugs. Even if you don't like to argue with the points of other people, you still must be ready to write an argumentative essay at any time! The conclusion should also aim at motivating the reader to do research in the future.