bombastic words for essay

Conundrum a difficult problem with no easy solution. Lucrative having a large reward, monetary or otherwise Adj. Myriad countless or extremely large in number Adj. Went is a word that lacks traction.

Insidious proceeding in a subtle way but with harmful effects Adj. ( William James Linton ) The fairest things have the fleetest end. There is no more to say. Autonomy independence or self governance; the right to make decisions for oneself.

( Paradise Lost 4-208 ) The heart is not a clock, it will not wind again.( Sacheverell Sitwell ) Hector is dead. Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Disparity a great difference between things. Try using sense, or discern instead. If somebody is correct, you empire state college admissions essay could also say exact or precise.