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students earned all 5/5 points possible on FRQ2. Such students generally earned 4, 6, and 8 points, respectively, on this question. I wonder if (s)he is the same student who earned the 1 perfect score on C: Mechanics this year? 2 students, out of 80,000 worldwide whose scores are now in our database, earned all 140 out of 140 points possible on this years exam (perfect scores on every essay and short answer question, as well as correctly answering every multiple-choice question).

6014DY1Ep Students earning a 5 are generally able, like college geography students who are getting an A, to answer most of the "women in agriculture" questions in FRQ1; students earning a 3 are typically able to answer parts but not all of B C: Italian. 16 students, out of 60,000 worldwide whose exam data are complete, achieved all 130/130 points possible on this years AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.

Verenigingen en muziekscholen komen van heinde en verre om hun instrumenten door Ad te laten herstellen, afstellen, onderhouden en oppoetsen.
Writing is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols.
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Students earning 3s could answer part of the question, students earning 4 could answer most, and students earning 5s, all. United States History. Jun 21 These scores are very similar to last years. Multiple-choice: students earned the highest scores of any AP subject so far this year, particularly on citizen beliefs behavior civil rights liberties. The average score was 28/48 points possible. Otherwise, the even performance across the range of topics suggests teachers are effectively addressing the array of concepts. AP English Language students typically earned very similar scores across each of the three essay types, suggesting that teachers are effectively helping students develop a variety of strategies for written argumentation. Students generally scored well across all multiple-choice topics, although they scored somewhat less well on questions requiring them to estimate/determine integrals than on other topics. Heres a link to the conversation prompts : /6018DWKea The most challenging task for AP French students this year was FRQ4, the cultural presentation comparing the role of advertising in their own vs american university supplemental essay a francophone community. Students have achieved higher free-response scores than any other AP subject so far this year superb performance across Q1-3. I need to scan our archives to be sure, but that may be the highest ever for this exam. World History. Jun 21 These scores are very similar to last years. Students can create accounts NOW at llegeboard.

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