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think were going there, he added. We have a story of our being independent and independent-minded and Dont tread on me, and thats why the Tea Party is the image of this latest eruption. Poovey argued, was that it presented a type of truth that could apparently stand alone, without requiring any interpretation or faith on the part of the person reading. Supreme Court intervened in an extremely tight race between Texas Gov. Candidates vying for the presidency strove to project a statesmanlike demeanor before voters at all times, talking about topics and issues that played to their perceived strengths in tone and language that reinforced those goals. Im struck by the fact that the passions are so high relative to the policy stakes, which are so low. But you do have to have shared principles.

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But I wouldnt put money on that at this point. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer. I think that the great moral questions for me are, first of all, whether or not we can recover a sense of being a moral community that functions as a democracy. Thats the most pressing. National statistical associations, for example, soon provided the know-how for official statistics offices, affiliated with and funded by governments. Its enormously improved on the one side.

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