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Falling Man devoid of kingdom god essays the backdrop of a terrible day. Are They Diving or Flying. Even the TSA is on Instagram The TSA finally understood that Instagram is a distribution tool that can be great for marketing. For example, the light on this succulent and the way it brings out the pattern of the plant really caught my attention. The form of such a story is called the photo essay. Photo by Ed Ou/Reportage by Getty Images And in Russia, Dmitry Lovetsky caught this tragic image of gay rights activitist who had been beaten by anti-gay protesters. Portraits of Children Around the World with Their Prized Possessions. But why leave all the photo bombing fun to the humans.

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Portraits of Survivors Show Strength and Beauty In a summer camp in 2011 off the coast of Oslo, Norway, a lone gunman massacred 69 young adults. Contrast me up, Scotty. But I love looking at photos taken over the course of years like this series of PE teacher Dale Irby, who wore the same outfit for his teacher portrait for 40 years. Today Christina Nichole Dickson looks at the topic. This photo feels like a wide angle image to me, and yet, its not. It Aint a Knife or a Gun Over at Thumbs Ammo, the crowd has been sourced to Photoshop images from popular culture and replace a gun with a thumbs. I recommend beginners first start out by creating a shot list for the story.

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