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light switches, and utility meters (such as electric meters and water meters as well as increasingly more architecture thesis agenda complex and ubiquitous devices, such as network routers and printers. We also gathered aggregated usage information from intelligence sharing communities in order to determine if the added interest and "push" towards sharing is really being followed by the companies and if its adoption is putting us in the right track to close these gaps. Presented by Mike Brooks Matthew Bryant Hundreds of millions of Android devices, including those running Lollipop, the latest and most secure version of Android OS, can be hijacked. An attacker targeting a remote process is not immediately gifted with complete knowledge of the process and the means to manipulate. During this talk we will seek to understand its inner workings, selecting desirable features, and repurposing it for use in other tools. In his presentation, I will provide an overview of Passive DNS and how it can help investigators to reduce or eliminate collateral damage during takedowns, thereby avoiding negative publicity and potentially costly settlements. We hope others take the ideas, build on them make them better.

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Detecting offensive PowerShell tools like Invoke-Mimikatz. Matthew will conclude with strategies for managing high-risk content, and suggested strategies for the future. In this presentation, we show how to amount differential power analysis that recovers encryption key and other secrets in a divide-and-conquer manner within a few (10 to 40) minutes, allowing for SIM cards cloning. Next, we develop a coherent strategy for penetration testing as an approach to highlight and then mitigate city-level vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the Next Billion Internet Users are going to connect from Asia harry potter essays buzzfeed quizzes and developing countries without a Bill of Rights. Presented by Nguyen Anh Quynh Hoang-Vu Dang Over the last few years, as the world has moved closer to realizing the idea of the Internet of Things, an increasing amount of the things with which we interact every day have been replaced with embedded devices.

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