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the winner of Florida; however, the margin of victory triggered a mandatory recount, the litigation ultimately reached the United States Supreme Court. The call was made by John Ellis, a freelance political advisor contracted by Fox News to head their election night decision desk. View All Audience Reviews, fahrenheit 9/11,"s. Seemingly, the Bush Administration and their corporate allies saw an opportunity to control the. Bush as the new President.

911 Research Paper.invade the Middle East to take control of their oil sources.
According to him the United States masterminded the 9 /11 incident and pointed an accusing finger at Muslim countries.
The movies that we watched were "Fahrenheit 911 " by Michael Moore and "Fahrenhype 911" by Dick Morris.
It was good that we watched both films because it brought into view many lies that Michael Moore had made up for his movie.
Even after watching both.

  The documentary film closely examines the war on terror, the Bush presidency, and how they were portrayed by the media. These are tactics used by many governments throughout the world, ironically including the Amercian government. Bush and his staff at the time of the September 11th attacks.

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The Iraq war is based far more upon oil and power then it is freedom. Saddam had a history of human rights violations and corruption, although compared to other international leaders his transgressions can be considered moderate. The title is a play on Fahrenheit 451, the temperature at which paper burns, and a novel by Ray Bradbury about a future totalitarian state in which reading and independent thought are forbidden. As well, the chronicle focuses on the powerful roles that oil and greed may have played in the terrorist attack on the.S.A. We have the freedom. Saddam Hussein was a dictator, who through intimidation and force maintained his grasp on power. Supreme court anointed George. Bush and Florida governor. The Courts decision ended the recounts. Furthermore, the Florida election was held under the supervision of Florida Secretary of state, Katherine Harris, a co-chair of the Bush campaign.

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Ivan Lopez Karen Rasmussen comm 301 November 23, 2012 Fahrenheit 9 /11 In 2004 Michael Moore released his highly anticipated documentary film titled Fahrenheit 9 /11.
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Was the theme of dangerous technology in Fahrenheit 451 appropriate?
How is war used in Fahrenheit 451 and what 3 types are evident?

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