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is to the effect that objective moral values themselves are foreign to a universe without God. If it is true that it was wrong for Romans thesis ad hoc to leave baby girls to die on the trash heaps simply because they were girls, then morality is not determined by culture. If it is true that Hitler was morally wrong, it is true that there are objective moral truths which are trans-cultural. Lamentably, the scientific education of most British and American students omits all mention of Darwinism, and therefore the only alternative to chance that most people can imagine is design. Morality has survival value.

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Pew survey, the percent of Americans having no religious affiliation reached 23 percent in 2014. That entirely different principle is natural selection. It is reasonable to believe these things even though they cannot be proven. The divine knob twiddler would himself have to have been at least as improbable as the settings of his knobs. He has a moral aspect to his nature. Let me explain each of these. Mackie recognizes that these objective values do not fit in the universe if there is no God.

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