electronic projects for engineering students

24 hours and you get instant access to the course content. Anti collision system for trains. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). Therefore an automation method is necessary to work out the problem. RF IR technology is used for objects movement detection at the entrance door and also for data transmission. Air Flow Detector Circuit, this simple mini project is used to design an indicator to show the rate of air flow in a given space. These days a number of new systems are invented to evade the train collisions. This project gives an efficient solution to this, through which the railway gates can be programmed to open and close automatically by sensing the arrival of train. This project, developed using AT89S51 (a version of 8051 from Atmel) with a well-explained circuit diagram and program, controls the water level in a tank by controlling a water pump motor depending on the current water levels.

electronic projects for engineering students

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Remember, engineering project is the key to a successful career start. Light Activated Switch Circuit, this circuit uses an LM 311 comparator IC and a light dependent resistor as its sensor. Reports states that the IoT Technology is going to transform into a multi-trillion dollar market and more than 50 billion devices will be connected to Internet using this technology by 2020. The display when rotated at high speed will magically show the letters that are pre-programmed. As soon as the temperature rises above the set preset level, the leakage current of the transistor rises, thus driving the other transistors in the circuit. It is a simple project which helps in preventing hacking. This two axis automatically track system has also been developed by bringing into play a micro controller. A transistor sensor called BC177 is used to sense the heat produced due to the fire. By doing this project you will build a Robotic Arm that can be controlled by human hand gestures to carry out actions like pick/ place. I had a general conversation with her and tried to find out how our course is helping her.

The max demand is define as the product of the current and the voltage that has been used by the loads. This particular project is an application of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. First one is located at the entrance of the parking gate. The era of electronics started with the invention of the transistor in the year 1947 and silicon-based semiconductor technology.

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