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and private sectors. However, options such as weaving data excerpts in with your writing, or using a particular kind of format or structure for your dissertation or thesis, could how do write a compare and contrast essay be implemented in the last months of doctoral study. His research explores the impacts of mindfulness on stress and resilience in the workplace. . He was awarded his doctorate in 2014, and chose to present his doctoral dissertation as a 132-page graphic novel called. Alternatively, you could use a metaphor to draw your argument together. I would have liked to use a fictional style for my whole thesis, but my supervisors deemed it too risky.

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She named her dissertation. Deborah Netolicky, who was awarded her PhD in 2016, used themes and characters Alice in Wonderland as an extended metaphor to help structure her thesis. He was awarded his PhD in 2016 and has received Arts Council funding to convert his thesis into a graphic novel. Even some hard scientists are taking a creative approach to writing their dissertations or theses. The following elements are required for acceptance of a Creative Thesis: Title Page, approval Page, dedication (optional abstract, acknowledgments (optional). The table of contents illustrates the basic format of a Creative Thesis.

A list of references may appear either directly after this section, or at the end of the document before any Appendices or the Vita. Do not use numbering systems to designate sections and subsections. . Also, if you want to be just a little bit creative, it may be possible to take an experimental approach to a single chapter or section of your thesis or dissertation. He received his doctorate in 2015. Have you had your mid-PhD. An example of a Creative Thesis Table of Contents is below. . Checklist FOR body OF thesis, separated into chapters with chapter titles.

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