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must not be too long but must describe exactly what your experiment is about. Make sure to visit your public library right away and get to know what it can offer for your research paper. For example, "Mold Growth" tells us nothing whereas "The Effect Of Temperature On Mold Growth" lets everybody know what the experiment is about. In the discussion you must describe why the experiment did not give the results you expected. Here you should speculate where science goes next or what experiments you could do next. There are a lot of good public libraries in the United States if you happen to be living in or close to a major city. Even great scientists like Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking have had flaws in their theories so you are in good company if your experiment did not work out exactly how you planned!

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Whether from books, magazines, the internet or your teacher, if you include your references, somebody interested in your subject can easily read them and find out more. You could let them know a little about 'The Life Cycle of Mold' or 'The History of Pendulums'. Even if your hypothesis was wrong, the world of science has still learned something. Best of all, the strategies youll learn will apply to any research paper assignment in high school, essay on italy history and legend for asl college, graduate school, and beyond in English. You have to assume that somebody reading your experiment may know nothing about the subject so you must give them a quick summary.

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