medical subspecialty essay cartoons

simple Cases on line, interactive modules NSF Site (Sponsored by the University. In your late 20s, spending long hours in the hospital may seem glamorous and appealing, but as you get older and have family and other responsibilities you may not want to work as intensely as some specialties demand. Anesthesiologists, for example, routinely wake up at about 5 AM because operating rooms open early. Related Article: Weve been learning about the residency match process for over two decades. This, too, can lead to a warped perspective that doesnt involve the real world or consideration of what life might be like after training. Web Site Design by Jan Thompson, Program Representative, ucsd School of Medicine. Cardiac Anatomy with Interactive Quiz, Gateway Community College Clinical Statements and Guidelines, American College of Cardiology Collection of cardiology-related clinical guidelines. Heart sounds auscultation primer app Littmann SoundBuilder app iStethoscope Expert Heart Sounds App Cardiology Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Assorted Clinical References ACC: Cardiovascular risk calculator Assorted Cardiac Imaging, Gateway Community College Assorted Very Cool Cardio-Pulm Interactive Tools/Projects, University of Toronto Basics of Cardiac Physiology Extensive review. Extremity Muscle Atlas, University of Washington Drawings of the muscles of the upper and lower extremity. Many students choose a specialty thought to have easy hours. Trauma Images (Note: These images are very graphic.) Clinical References Acronym Finder American Family Physician Great Reviews on Many Topics ahrq M and Ms Online Cleveland Clinic Review of multi-clinical topics.

Eye Decide interactive eye anatomy app Eye Images and More, NIH Eye Simulator, University of California, Davis Simulation of pupillary and extraocular muscle disorders. After doing his research and seeing all of the glossy ads in local magazines for cosmetic surgeons, he realized this would be a great choice to reach his goals. Imaging Correlates for Assorted Clinical Findings,. WPW and V Fib NIH sponsored animation of heart block NIH sponsored animation of how the electrical pathways of the heart function NIH sponsored animation of how the heart works Pacemaker insertion animation Pressure-Volume Loop Simulation Tool from Columbia University (Note: must have Java installed.

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Auscultation Assistant, University of California, Los Angeles Audio files of selected normal and abnormal heart sounds and murmurs. Confused, you consider what other specialties might interest you. Ophthalmology Basic, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Infirmary Retina Reference Page, University of Pennsylvania The Eyes Have It, University of Michigan Excellent eye overview site. One student, who was always a night owl, considered a career in EM, figuring that she could handle the circadian rhythm disturbances. How to Read a Chest X-Ray, BMJ How to Read a Chest X-Ray, Uniformed Services School of Medicine Basic interpretation of chest radiographs. You dont really want to practice the specialty you are choosing or you plan to practice for only a short time. ECG Learning Center, University of Utah. Heart Sounds, Angio/Cath Review, Anatomy Imaging (3D) Heart Sounds Tutorial, Blaufuss Medical Audio files of selected normal and abnormal heart sounds and murmurs. Links to a Number of Sites with Good Basic Eye Anatomy Online Atlas of Ophthalmology Collection of ophthalmologic images.

medical subspecialty essay cartoons

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