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in improving all those who have committed crimes. Next part of this paper will discuss arguments and counter-arguments regarding success of prisons. Correctional System in various countries operates in same manner but the incarceration rate between all countries is very dissimilar. Once the inmate is released from prison, they usually. There have been lots of issues with prison recently. Offender must realize what he/she has done and how he/she has disturbed society as whole and should apologize to the victim for his/her actions. They argue that prisons are effective. Even though prisons and sentencing varies from country to country, they all operate in same manner.e. m, ml (accessed August 21, 2018). Unfortunately, competing is not the worst thing that happens in an overcrowding prison.

Prison Violence is still prevalent. Co-relation between crimes rates and incarceration doesn't prelude success of prisons (Saunders et al, 2002-03: 8).

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It was also discussed that it's really expensive to keep the offenders in prison and more than half of the offenders are back within two years or so, thus putting extra burden on the budget (Hanks, 2008: 95-96). This article has received a lot of attention from various scholars, researchers, criminologists, sociologists and more research is being done on maximum security aspect of prison. It can be between inmates or between inmates and staff members (Goff, 2004: 275). His example illustrates two different studies, one write introductory paragraph comparison essay conducted by the Abt and another by the BOP. Further studies have revealed that even most offenders prefer probation over incarceration.