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that you have been a very big help for me in TOK and Economics. Paragraph 7 - Perspectives and extensions. A functional way of approaching them and their relative role in defining our knowledge of the world is by a systematic study of human evolution. Definitely wish you were my economics teacher! Mathematics is axiomatic and independent of subjective experience. Due to the correlation between language and culture, it is difficult, at first glance, to deny the magnitude of the impact that can be attributed to the former. and I've also made a help page (similar to this) for the TOK presentation, here. However, it is possible to come to different conclusions using different systems of mathematics. The concept of language is thus partitioned into a) its different varieties (e.g.

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Srikanth Reddy @ Sreenidhi International School (Hyderabad, India) "I was looking about to get some support material for my sons TOK and EE today and your pages have been great. Woods, your initiative is highly appreciated and needless to say, the resources on this website are helping thousands of students tremendously. Here I might define Mathematics and Natural Science. I really appreciate the time that you have spent to help students like." -Anonymous Student @ IBS of Provence (France) I teach ToK in Midvale, UT and love your site. So many great posts about IB and how to be effective. The students have really struggled with the essay writing process and your site structures it better than anything else I've ever received. Unsure as to what I would do without these posts these posts as a guide. " -Thao auckland International College (New Zealand) "Your website is amazing! I am a senior in IB economics and thanks to you did very well in my IA! Greetings from peru!" -Mateo (Peru) " Thank you so much for all of this voluntary support. Okay here.

Did something happen in your Science class? Try to use original, interesting evidence. Before you can begin your real/final essay, youll want to look at the Prescribed Title (something like: What is it about mathematics and science that makes them so convincing?