essay on conservation of oil and petroleum

Many compounds found in oil are highly toxic and can cause cancer ( carcinogenic ) as well as other diseases. Other challenges included a high cost of research and development, uncertainty of cost and potentially high-risk investments. You can help by adding. Undistracted by desire for visible success and fear of failure, he was able to concentrate all his energies upon the task at hand.

Benzene is the petroleum related product with the highest level of toxicity. Runoff from storms carries waste oil into rivers and oceans, poisoning them as well. It made consumption of energy cleaner due to moving for cleaner sources. Current corn-ethanol technologies are much less petroleum intensive than gasoline however have the GHG emission levels similar to gasoline. A b "Benzene Exposure on a Crude Oil Production Vessel - kirkeleit. Using corn-based ethanol might be an alternative to using petroleum. As a result, he moved in serenity. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. Acid rain also leads to the corrosion of machinery and structures (large amounts of capital) and to the slow destruction of archeological structures like the marble ruins of Rome and Greece. 2 Generally oils that have longer carbon chains and with more benzene rings have higher levels of toxicity.

These sources are said to have much lower emissions, and almost minimal secondary by products. However aims of phasing out fossil fuels and petroleum use may also present economic benefits such as increased investment. 8 In the refinement stages of petroleum also contributes to large amounts of pollution in urban areas. Petroleum and its by-products are used to fuel various forms of transportation, industry and domestic electricity use.

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