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three ways to interpret Shakespeares plot in Romeo and Juliet. We have now the poetry of passion bursting upon us in its purple light. 1382)a fall into unhappiness, on the part of more or less ordinary people, after a fleeting period of happiness. Some aspects of Romeo and Juliet strongly suggest comic characteristics, while other aspects of Romeo and Juliet strongly suggest tragic characteristics (Hacht). Critics argue that the ambiguity that surrounds the cause of the lovers deaths generates the play into an apprentice tragedy. The love of Romeo was unrequited love. He had "a soul of lead"-he would be "a candle-holder and look." But he has seen Juliet; and with what gorgeous descriptive essays on best friends images has that sight filled his imagination!

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Many critics believe that Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet is in fact not a tragic play because it does not meet these criteria. In no other early play is the imagery as lush and complex, making unforgettable the balcony speech in which Romeo describes Juliet as the sun, Juliets nightingale-lark speech, her comparison of Romeo to the day in night, which Romeo then develops as he observes,. The play, nevertheless, remains forever that of Juliet and her Romeo.

Loves Labours Lost (pr. "Uncle this is a Montague, our foe, a villain that has neither come in spite, to scorn at our solemnity this night." (I, V, 60-63) Though it wasn't expressed as much the Montague's despised the Capulet's as they did them. One of the most popular plays essays on end of life drugs of all time, Romeo and Juliet was Shakespeares second tragedy (after, titus Andronicus of 1594, a failure). The poetry of Mercutio is that of fancy; the poetry of Romeo is that of imagination. But, even under the direst calamity, they catch at the one joy which is left-the short meeting before the parting. This is why it is difficult to classify Romeo and Juliet as a tragedy over a problem play. Chaney states that it is not until Mercutios death that the play takes a tragic turn (Hacht). Other critics suggest that Shakespeares goal was to write to please the audiences because he was also involved in the theatrical part of his plays (Hacht). In Shakespeares views, tragedy is usually a matter for both the characters and the circumstance at hand. A tragedy is a dramatic composition with a serious theme, typically that of a great person destined through a flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, such as fate or society, leading to downfall or destruction (Tragedy).

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