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give the reader an idea of the literal meaning of the poem and also an analysis of its poetic devices. Read the essay, The Negro Artist why we should switch to renewable energy essay and The Racial Mountain. What happens as Jem and Scout walk to the pageant? Note: Native Son is a famous and controversial novel written by Richard Wright. Read the last sentence of this chapter. Read about the structure of the story. How does this" fit with the characteristics of Transcendentalism?

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How do other characters treat this character? Day 96 Vocabulary Record these words and their definitions in your notes. List the major points that Sojourner Truth is making in this speech. Day 36 Reading Read Purdue Owls article Writing About Poetry. Review the Quarter 3 Exam Answer Key for Section 1 and Section. Nature welcomes us in death (the elements of nature decorating the tomb). Review the definition of point of view. Describe the significance of the blanket in this chapter. (From your original directions: This should be a focused analysis of the writing.