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universe provides a visionary end to the Dialogues et fragments philosophiques (1876; Philosophical Dialogues and Fragments, 1899). Anagni, Todi, Paris, Lyons, and, rome. In its reply (27 Sept., 1300) the latter denied, over the names of the 104 lay lords, the papal claim of suzerainty over Scotland, and asserted that a king of England had never pleaded before any judge, ecclesiastical or secular, respecting his rights in Scotland. It is sometimes called source biography because it preserves original materials, the testimony of the biographer, and often intimate papers of the subject (which have proved invaluable for later biographers and historiansas exemplified by Einhards 9th-century Vita Karoli imperatoris Life of Charlemagne or Thomas Moore. 2, a brief account of Christianity in, roman Britain, including the martyrdom.

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Kelly (London, 1883 the erudite work of hergenrÖther, Kath. 4 Mellitus also returned to England, but the prevailing pagan mood did not allow him to return to London; after Laurence's death, Mellitus became Archbishop of Canterbury. This form is exemplified by writers such as Irving Stone, in his Lust for Life (on van Gogh) and The Agony and the Ecstasy (on Michelangelo). The place wherein Celestine was confined was so narrow "that the spot whereon the saint stood when saying Mass was the same as that whereon his head lay when he essay on program planning reclined" (quod, ubi tenebat pedes ille sanctus, dum missam diceret, ibi tenebat caput, quando quiescebat. The Shiji (Historical Records by Sima Qian (145? On his return to Pamiers he was accused of treasonable speech and incitement to insurrection, was brought to Paris (12 July, 1301 thence to Senlis, where he was found guilty in a trial directed by Pierre Flote, and known to modern historians ( Von Reumont. Schulz, Peter von Murrhone-Papst Celestin V-in Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte, xvii (1897 481 sqq.; also Finke,. In book I chapter 2 he used ante incarnationis dominicae tempus (before the time of the incarnation of the Lord). The efforts made by Boniface viii to restore order in Florence and Tuscany proved equally futile. The unusual step taken by Celestine V had aroused much opposition, especially among the religious parties in Italy. Thus, he manifests a baffling variety of characteristics, but the moral heart of the man is to be found in one of the later dramas, Le Prtre de Némi (1885; The Priest of Némi and above all in his Histoire du peuple dIsral (188793; History. Gröne, a German Catholic historian of the popes, says of Boniface (II, 164) that while his utterances equal in importance those of Gregory VII and Innocent III, the latter were always more ready to act, Boniface to discourse; they relied on the Divine strength.

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