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Fusion and Privacy Preservation Techniques in Cyber-Physical Systems. Lewis Proteus: An Adaptable Presentation System for a Software Development and Multimedia Document Environment Ethan Vincent Munson advisor: Michael.

Meyer Low-Power Architectural Design Methodologies Paul. Prouty advisor: Steven.

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Sujay Desai advisor: Ali Javey, differential methods in phase imaging for optical lithography. Yelick and Ras Bodik Real-time Communication Systems For Automation Over Wireless: Enabling Future Interactive Tech Vasuki Narasimha Swamy advisor: Anant Sahai Representations for Visually Guided Actions Saurabh Gupta advisor: Jitendra Malik Statistics meets Optimization: Computational guarantees for statistical learning algorithms Fanny Yang advisor: Martin Wainwright. Minami advisor: Chenming Hu Rigorous Three-Dimensional Time-Domain Finite-Difference Electromagnetic Simulation Alfred.-K. Needs at least 3 working days to review your electronic submission before they are able to provide a receipt of filing. Neureuther Optical Transmission of Narrowband Microwave and Millimeter Wave Analog Signals by Direct Modulation of Monolithic Semiconductor Lasers John. Bhattacharyya advisor: Edward. Howe Micromechanisms Using Sidewall Beams Michael. Muller Micromechanical Signal Processors Clark.-C. Urmila Mahadev advisor: Umesh Vazirani, combining Speech and Speaker Recognition - A Joint Modeling Approach. A High-Speed Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter in the Superconductive Technology.

Brayton Low Power Digital cmos Design Anantha. Haoyuan Li advisor: Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica.