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has a favorablesituation to marketers to reach out the global audience (Mrinal, 2008).6.3 Type of online advertisingInternet already generated three categories of advertising. The rise of social networkinglike Twitter and Face book may lead any firm to spend a lesser cost and develop gender focusedadvertisements based on users information (Hoy Milne 2010; Cramphorn,.F. For all these reasons the proposed study aims to critically evaluate theeffectiveness of social networking advertisements from the perspective of the f:Advanced Internet Policy Report Online Advertising: Confronting the Challenges, 2009, PolicyEngagement Network, Available Danah and Ellison, Nicole, 2007, Social Network Sites: Definition, History andScholarship. Explain how information security affects computer networks. An overall categorization of networking systems. Next are treated as ads, which is now 17 of the total. Review of literature.6.1 Discussions of Previous researches on Advertisement on social networking6.2 Emergence of social networking6.2.1 Face book6.2.2 Twitter6.2.3 MySpace6.3 Type of online advertising7. You can approach us with any networking research topic given by your university professor, and our skilled writers will draft a perfect piece of academic paper for you.

The current paper will focus on three social networks andadvertisements in it: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. That becomes a very common. Discuss the nature of computer networks, with an emphasis on PC and unix workstations. Some sites alsoprovides different services, such as- sharing digital media, by Flickr and, and treated asmost popular websites all over the world. Mitun Dutta essay on passchendaele MBA Dissertation Proposal Page 9In this study each individual user in the community of Facebook, Twitter and Myspace will beselected as study unit.8.5 Study instrumentUnder the survey research, interview administered questionnaire has been selected as the studyinstrument.