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upon the island, the conspiracies of Antonio and Caliban, the sweet and. He says, in part: I must be here confind by you, Or sent to Naples. There were, of course, published reports about the Americas and the islands near the mainlands. Not merely the atmosphere and setting is magical as in "The Tempest all is spell, charm and incantation. Had it not been for Gonzalo, who provided Prospero with provisions, he and Miranda would have died at sea. When the spectator wakes upon the morrow after a midsummer night's dream in fairyland, with Oberon, Titania and sportive Puck, where men and women wander the essay writing process the synthesizing exposed to strange metamorphoses, due to the kindly or jealous fancies of the royal fairy, or to the malicious mirth. Achilles cannot be brought to such a reflection by reasoning, nor do the feelings in which he has been embroiled take him in that direction. The Tempest in its poetical scenes is the finest example of the musical use of words in all Shakespeares plays.

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For lack of means, the Ithomeans were hindered in preparing such tripods as they deemed a suitable offering. The, poetics of, aristotle (384-322.C.E.) is a much-disdained book. The shipwrecked Italians are captives of Prospero and his sorcery; some of them are also captives of their own faults and weaknesses. In "A Midsummer Night's Dream the dramatist revels in a wild, poetic debauch, a very midsummer nightmare, beginning m the capital and ending in the capital, leading the bewildered and enchanted spectator, meantime, through wild wood and tangled grove, by moonlit bank, into fairy bower. The conversation about Milan between Miranda and Caliban clearly shows that she does have her own will and that she is not silent in the play. In "A Midsummer Night's Dream and in "The Tempest pitched far above the ordinary dramatic plane, in the realm of almost pure poetry, Shakespeare draws nearer to the method of the great poets, in their purely poetical works, at the same time keeping a carefully. They are Homer's Iliad and Shakespeare's Tempest. Tragic Catharsis, tragic Pity, tragic Fear and the Image of Humanity.

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