fun home alison bechdel essay

a child, she and her brothers are exposed to death constantly because their father works in the family funeral home - the "Fun Home" that gives the book its title. In the multiple times I have raised this question, not one student has been offended by the image. Several of her drawings show Bruce forcing Alison to wear barrettes in her hair and to dress like a girl, though she prefers to keep her hair short and dress in a less fussy style. It's where it all began. Read the Study Guide for Fun Home Essays for Fun Home Fun Home essays are academic essays for citation. Fun Home in his classes for years, I would advise these students to rethink their positions. It is my sincere hope that the controversies surrounding the book will not stop it from being included on college reading lists.

As we will see, this portion of the book echoes the strained relationship show more content, according to Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, the placement of the word balloons from left to right indicates the order in which one must read them. View our essays for Fun Home). In ancient Greek mythology, Daedalus was the master craftsman who made wings of wax and feathers. If students in my class were to refuse to read the book altogether, I would urge them to reconsider. Upon hearing of her own father's death, however, she reacts with laughter and irritation instead of breaking down. In these final lines, Bechdel uses this allusion to express her acceptance of her father, despite their troubled history. However, Alison is able to shed her shame and come to terms with her sexuality - partially as a result of literature, but mostly because of the supportive community around her.